Image by Teemu Paananen



The Network to Advance Abolitionist Social Work (NAASW) is a group of social workers from different parts of the US building a year-long initiative to support abolitionist work in the field of social work.

The initiative includes ongoing political education, research / knowledge generation around carceral and abolition social work, developing an online hub of abolitionist social work resources, and broader organizing and advocacy efforts to insert abolitionist ideas and practices into social work.

NAASW is conducting a national survey of social work (social workers defined broadly and people impacted by social work and social workers) to understand more about how social work(ers) perpetuate and / or are complicit in criminalization, and how social work(ers) are engaging in abolitionist work. 

We hope that this effort will make more clear the relationship between social work and criminalization, as well as how social work can participate in the work of abolition. 

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